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Below graphs show percentages of players that obtained PvP achievements.

While a lot of the graphs on this website are based on numbers of characters where it's meaningful (e.g. character item level distribution), the graphs here are based on players instead (because most achievements are account-wide). As always, only active players are counted, i.e. players who killed a mob or player on any character in the past four weeks.

Since WoW API supports timestamps for achievements, our graphs show the full history starting when achievements were introduced in WoW back in 2008. Please note, that percentages of old achievements may rise and fall when seasoned players stop playing wow actively or when they return. Furthermore, new players join wow which also may lead to falling percentages of old achievements.

In case you are missing achievements in this section, please feel free to send us an e-mail to . Meanwhile, you can find any achievement here sorted by ID.

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