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The chart in this section provides an overview about active character's number of honorable kills. In this case, by active we mean characters that killed something (creature / player) in the past 3 months.

The bar chart shows the distribution of honorable kills in hand-chosen ranges, which have been selected to give a good overview. Because of the extreme variety of HKs amongst characters, it is not possible to select ranges equally.

There is a very high number of characters almost doing no pvp, resulting in only a handful of HKs. On the other hand, some pvp-addicted players reach above 100.000 HKs.

In case you are wondering why there is no graph for variation over time: our database is currently collecting the necessary data. As soon, as we have gathered enough data, we will add that graph.

On a side note: An honorable kill is the act of killing an opponent that yields honor points.

Honorable Kills Distribution