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The graphs below show the number of characters played on different ratings separately for the regions US and EU. To guide the eye, we added the current thresholds for

Please note that all characters below 1000 rating are not included in these thresholds, according to the way blizzard calculates title cutoffs. You may assume people playing below 1000 rating to be casual pvp players.

The data presented in these graphs does not rely on statistical information, but is based on exhaustive data provided by the WoW API. Therefore, accuracy shall be very high.

The difference in the form of these graphs compared to 2v2 and 3v3 graphs is caused by the low number of people playing 5v5 frequently. A lot of players play very few 5v5 matches per season and therefore remain at low ratings.

Arena 5v5 Rating Distribution for Region US

Arena 5v5 Rating Distribution for Region EU

Arena 5v5 Cutoffs for Region US

Arena 5v5 Cutoffs for Region EU

US Arena 5v5 Rating Percentiles

From the graphs below you can determine your personal percentile. First, find your own rating on the x-axis of one of the graphs, then read out your percentile.

Sometimes, these graphs may look a bit weird. This is because 5v5 is played less often than 2v2 and 3v3 and ladders can become quite sketchy (meaning gaps between ratings are big) especially at the beginning of a new season.

Example: At a rating of 1600 you may find the 80th percentile, which means you are in the top 20% of players and exceed 80%.

EU Arena 5v5 Rating Percentiles